Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange 1.05

A very interesting and intriguing time-traveling game

Life is Strange is a multi-choice game in which every decision you make when playing has an influence in the future (and past) of the characters.
In it, you will follow Max, a high school student and photographer who finds out that she is able to travel through time. In the opening scene, we see her lost in a forest in the middle of a storm. Then, we find out that it was a very vivid dream she had while taking a photography class. Slowly, she discovers that she had the ability of making the time to go back so she can repair some mistakes. For example, when her teacher asks her a question and her answer is wrong, she can go back in time to give the correct answer. Not all choices will be so easy, however, since she will be involved in a possible murder.

Around Max there are different objects and people that are key to the story. You can choose to interact or not with any of them, but every choice you make will have consequences in the way things will develop, so you need to choose wisely.

The graphics are very realistic and add to the mysterious atmosphere of the game. Also, the voice talents fit perfectly into that atmosphere.

Another remarkable element is the soundtrack, made up by songs composed and played by indie artists. Most of them add a nostalgic and creepy feeling to the game.

In sum, this is an outstanding and intelligent game that almost every gamer will love. You can download and play the first of five chapters for free. If you like it, you can purchase the entire five-chapter series for a very affordable cost.

Please note that the game includes some use of bad words, mild violence and other controversial issues, so it is not recommended for children. Also, you need to install the Steam platform before installing and playing the game. If you don't have it, the installation wizard will prompt you to install it.

Victor Hernandez
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Review summary


  • The game story is great and has many possibilities, since each choice you make has different outcomes
  • It has realistic graphics
  • The soundtrack is also very good
  • The cost of the entire series is very affordable


  • The installation file size is rather high
  • You need to have the Steam platform installed in your system to play the game
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